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So, What Is Prime Domain All About?

Prime Domain Is The World’s First, Chat GPT Plus Powered App That Creates Fully Functional, Self Updating GoDaddy Style Domain Selling Platforms For Any Offer In Any Niche Using Just A Single Keyword.

Using Prime Domain AI, Your Subscribers Can Make Passive Income Source For Days, Weeks, Months & Years To Come

Use Chat GPT Powered Technology to start their own profitable domain-selling business with zero investment
Use AI to instantly find & sell premium domains to hungry customers scattered globally
Stop paying huge monthly fees to GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc
Cancel their existing domain registration & use this for their own benefit
Get all benefits for a low, one time price

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Here’s How Prime Domain AI Is Going To Bring Revolutionary Changes

In Yours And Your Subs’ Lives…

How many times you and your subscribers have stared at blank screens for hours thinking about what to write in different types of marketing content? 

It must have happened on different occasions, right?

Yeah, you and your tribe may not have any idea what to write inside your marketing content like sales page copies, email swipes, video scripts, ads, banners and so much more…

And it frustrates your subs to keep them behind their rivals…

But what If we told you that it will be super possible for your clan to write those attention-grabbing marketing content without ever typing a single word and trying hard?

Would you believe us? Well, you have no reason not to!

Because hey, that’s absolutely true!

Stop Right Away If Your Subscribers Are Struggling To Create Quality Marketing Content Like Sales Pages, Email Swipes, Ad Scripts, Banners, Video Scripts And Beyond!

Because Creating High-Converting Marketing Copies Come With Pain-Invoking Challenges…

Your tribe needs to hire freelancers or agencies to create different types of marketing content and pay them a heavy amount every month.
Your subs may write the content for your marketing copies on your own. But it may not be enticing enough to engage their users and fetch them traffic, leads and sales.
Developing marketing content is also time taking and it may not be riveting enough to skyrocket engagements and leads.
Your tribe has to buy costly software promising them to create content without knowing whether the results will match their niches or not.
Your subs are required to go through a steep learning curve to start using leading tools and waste their time.

Wait, The Challenges Of Your Folks
Just Do Not End Here...

Yep, They Also Have To Deal With Multiple Issues Related To
Designing Marketing Content Templates!

That’s so true, right?

Of course, once your subs create marketing content, their next hurdle is designing those marketing content templates. 

Because that’s needed to make it look promising enough to make users click and engage…

Sadly, It Comes With Some Real Roadblocks…

You and your subscribers have to design their marketing content templates on their own. Now, they may not have any idea how to do it perfectly and the effort may go down the drain because there may be zero conversions.
You and your tribe have to hire marketing content template designing experts and pay them highly recurring charges just to design a single marketing content template.
It also means being dependent on them and continue waiting for a single marketing content template design for ages and yet being skeptical if it will work in your niche.
Further, the delivered templates may not be compatible with the formats where you want to use them. It further means being unable to correctly use them and end up on the losing side despite splurging.
Using a marketing content template designing software also means going through a steep learning curve. It denotes the wasting of valuable time that would have otherwise been invested in the business growth.

Now, Just Combine All These Challenges Of
Both Creating Marketing Content 

Templates, And Imagine How Long A Mountain You And Your Tribe Has To Climb!

Because If You Or Your Subs Decide To Outsource Both These Tasks, Be Ready To Burn Your Wallets…

Here’s Why…

So, If You Or Your Customers Are Still Backbreaking Or Investing
Huge To Create Appealing Marketing Content

And Even Design Marketing Templates, You Need To Upgrade The Way You Work in 2022…

Yes, that’s so true!

Because believe it or not, technology has been evolving big time to make your and your tribe’s business results super improved, and 2022 is no exception!

And it also involves the rise of a ground-breaking ‘Patent Pending’ AI technology!

It is crafted to help you and your subs write multiple quality marketing content and use fully customizable DFY marketing content design templates using an in-built editor.

Needless to say, once you deploy this tech, you and your tribe will supercharge results in any niche!

And did you know all these make you and your subs avoid all the earlier mentioned pain points and focus only on the business growth?

Of course, it resolves all!

The Good News Is - You And Your Tribe Have NOTHING To Do! 

Go For This Impeccable Solution And You Or Your
Subs Never Ever Have To Worry About…

Writing marketing content and copies of different types, hiring someone do the job, or buying costly modules to do all.
Designing attention-grabbing marketing content templates, outsourcing template design experts or purchasing expensive software to get things done.
Spending 100’s on doing SEO and Mobile Optimizations.
Generating HQ TRAFFIC!

Sit Back And Relax If You Or Your Tribe Finally Wants To Succeed Big Time!

…Because An ‘Unseen’ And ‘All-In-One’ Solution Has Arrived! 

Make Way For…


PATENTED A.I. App” Creates Marketing Content & Designs For Any Goals And For Any Niche Without Typing A Single Word, Without Any Prior Design Skills, Without Investing A Fortune…

100% Customizable & Done For You Solution That Pumps Sales Every
Minute In Just 3-Easy Steps!

 Believe It Or Not…

But All It Takes Is Just 3 Simple Steps

To Create High-Quality & Super Engaging Marketing Materials - From A to Z!




Use Prime Domain AI To Search Premium Domainsw


Sell & Profit

Don’t Forget: You Even Get To Fetch Business Results On The Go By Using
Customizable DFY Marketing Content Design Templates!

Here’s Why Your Clan Is Just

Going To Drool Over Prime Domain AI!

Developed by one of the top names in the industry to meet the needs of JVs like a Pro!
Easy-to-use software that makes and designs stunning marketing copies, and even offers high-converting DFY marketing content design templates for any goals.
No prior tech, writing, and designing expertise is needed at all.
No monthly or yearly charges are involved.
Agency license included so that your subs can mint money offering multiple marketing content creation and design services to hungry buyers with 100% pure profits.

Because We Have Strived To Keep Only Jaw-Dropping And
Winning Elements Inside Prime Domain AI!

And That’s Why…

We Have Included A High-Performing Sales Funnel To Work Wonders!

And It Is Guaranteed To Convert Unlike Anything
Else For You And Your Patrons!

Prime Domain AI Funnel Details

The "High Converting" Funnel

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Prime Design
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Ai Smart News
& Pro



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And, we promise you that. Period!


Kundan Choudhary

(Vendor & Affiliate Marketer)



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If you are found carrying on with any of the below points, we will terminate you from the program and any commission whatsoever will stand forfeited without any reasons:

1. Your total sales must be equal to or more than the prizes we are giving to become eligible for bonus rewards.

2. You are NOT allowed to run negative PPC/iframe domain campaigns like ‘Author name/Product name scam.

3. We would encourage you to keep away from using the raw affiliate link if you can. You can make the most of ‘Re-direct’ links in emails and website campaigns. And it should not be the direct affiliate link received by you. It will boost conversions for both of us – but the choice is yours!

4. You can’t earn any commission if you make any purchase on your own. The commission for any ‘self’ purchase will be considered null and void and held back. (Things that you CAN do are subject to change without giving any notice in advance – you should keep yourself updated here).

5. Any affiliate with less than 50 sales will have their payment status ‘delayed’. For all others, the commissions will be on an instant basis, but it also depends on the rate of refund. You can contact us to know if you are eligible for instant commissions.

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